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Breaking the Myths: Are Matrimony Apps Truly Safe From Scams and Frauds? 

Where once most weddings were arranged solely through family connections, now millions are meeting their spouse online through popular matchmaking platforms like Shaadi.com. It provides an accessible platform to find and communicate with potential matches from your home. 


Nevertheless, there are some misconceptions about matrimonial sites, so this article will clarify all the myths and state the facts.

Common Myths Around Matrimonial Sites

Let us examine some frequently heard myths:

Myth 1: Many assume it is easy to create fake profiles 

Verdict: False


This is a common perception as profile creation requires a name, birth details, email ID and mobile number. 


AI tools track and delete duplicate or suspicious accounts. Over 75% of profiles are verified.

Users can also report fake profiles, which are promptly deactivated based on reviews of such accounts.

Myth 2: People often get scammed

Verdict: Largely False


Matrimonial sites have dedicated user safety teams and advanced technologies to prevent and detect scams.

Robust profile verification procedures minimize fake profiles.

Users are given safety tips and can report suspicious activity easily. 

The platform quickly blocks potentially fraudulent users.

Myth 3: People think matrimonial sites membership is unsafe and risky

Verdict: False


Matrimonial sites have the most reliable security system when it comes to privacy.


Personally identifiable information is encrypted and protected.

The platform has comprehensive privacy policies and settings.

Users have complete control over their data sharing. 

No data is ever sold or shared without consent, underscoring matrimonial sites like Shaadi.com’s commitment to matrimony sites safety.

Myth 4: Customer service is poor and unresponsive

Verdict: Totally False 


The overall customer experience is positive for all the users. There are multiple customer access points via email, phone, and chat.


Users can easily raise tickets for issues which are tracked to resolution.

Negative feedback is listened to, and improvements are implemented. 

How Matrimonial Sites Ensures User Safety?

Matrimonial sites such as Shaadi.com or Jivansaathi employ a robust framework spanning technology, processes and people to enhance safety and trust. Some key measures include:

Profile Verification

AI tools are used to detect and remove fake profiles and prevent reactivation.

Users can also report suspicious profiles for deactivation.

Messaging Safety

All communication happens via in-app messaging. Outside contact only after consent. 

AI automatically filters abusive language.

Users can easily block contacts and report harmful messages.

Data Privacy

Personally identifiable data is encrypted.

Privacy settings allow users to limit data sharing.

Data access is restricted only to authorised personnel.

No data is sold to any third parties without consent.

Safety Tips

The help centre contains detailed guidelines on safe online conduct. 

Users are advised not to share personal details outside the platform.

Tips on spotting fake profiles and potential frauds provided.


Many matrimonial sites like Shaadi.com or Jivansaathi.com have reasonable security systems and protections in place against fraud and scams. Following safety best practices, using common sense, and reporting suspicious activity are key to having a secure matchmaking experience on the platform. With vigilance and responsible conduct from all parties, the ideals of trust and respect fostered can prevail over the actions of unscrupulous elements.

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