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Ravi Shastri joins Petzzco as Principal Advisor and a Brand Ambassador

10th July 2024; Mumbai: Petzzco, India’s leading pet care service provider has named former cricketer and commentator Ravi Shastri as their principal advisor and brand ambassador. An enthusiastic pet lover, Shastri adds trust and credibility to the Petzzco brand.


Commenting on the association, Raj Kantak, Founder of Petzzco, said, “Pet lovers often have a strong bond with their pets and look for guidance and recommendations from people they admire. Since Ravi Shastri is an avid pet lover himself, he can connect with Petzzco’s target audience on an emotional level. Having Ravi Shastri as a brand ambassador can significantly increase Petzzco’s brand awareness. His association with the company will generate positive media attention and public interest.”


The Indian pet care industry is booming and is expected to reach around $10 billion by FY 2024. This growth is driven by increased pet ownership, with six out of ten households now having pets. India has about 4 crore pets and 8 crore stray animals. Pet adoption is also on the rise, growing at 6% annually. Millennials, in particular, treat their pets like family and are willing to spend on premium pet services and brands. Petzzco differentiates itself through a comprehensive one-stop shop for all pet care needs, from veterinary services and grooming to pet adoption and connecting with other pet owners. Additionally, Petzzco is dedicated to animal rescue and welfare, partnering with NGOs to support stray and community animals and encouraging pet adoption over buying.


“I am thrilled to join Petzzco as their brand ambassador. As a pet lover, I admire their dedication to creating a one-stop platform for all pet care needs, fostering a strong community, and unwavering commitment to animal welfare and adoption. Together, we aim to make a positive impact on the lives of pets and their owners across the country,” said brand ambassador Ravi Shastri.


Since its inception, Petzzco has achieved 28,000-lifetime downloads, building an active and growing community of 5,000 members. In its first year of operations, Petzzco served approximately 2,400 pet parents, establishing a strong foundation in the pet care industry. Today, Petzzco has partnered with over 350 service providers, including groomers, vets, walkers, boarders, NGOs, and pet shops across 11 cities. 


“Our expansion plans are ambitious as we look to onboard major corporations and an additional 750 service providers in Maharashtra, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Haryana. Furthermore, we are committed to connecting with animal activists and working diligently for the welfare of community animals, ensuring that Petzzco continues to make a meaningful impact in the pet care ecosystem,” added Kantak.


Pet lovers can also associate with the brand through the Petzzco app, which has a strong community focus and has over 28,000 users sharing experiences. The company combines high-quality pet care with a community focus and a dedication to animal welfare, making them a one-stop-shop with a heart.

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